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  • Brianna Marquis

"This Is Why" This Album is Amazing

The album This Is Why is by the band Paramore who consist of Hailey Williams, lead vocalist; Taylor York, guitarist; and Zac Farro, drummer. Paramore is considered to be in the alternative/indie genre of music. This album was released February 10, 2023. This Is Why has ten songs total, the shortest song being two minutes and twenty-nine seconds while the longest is four minutes and twenty-two seconds. The tracklist consists of: “This Is Why,” “The News,” “Running Out of Time,” “C'est Comme Ça,” “Big Man, Little Dignity,” “You First,” “Figure 8,” “Liar,” “Crave,” and “Thick Skull.”

After listening to this album a couple of times I noticed that all the songs had a pattern. The lyrics of each song touched on how they (Paramore) felt the world was while in their 6 year break or how they felt about the situations and issues that have taken place within those 6 years. For example, in the song “The news,” which is the second song on the album, it expressed how it felt to turn on the news and always see talk about a war that we couldn’t see or hear unless we were in front of a screen. All of the songs had a way of making me feel like I wasn’t the only person going through these emotions. That I was understood and not alone.

The way the guitarist and drummer played their instruments not only backed up the feeling portrayed in the lyrics and the way Williams sang, but also gave the music that extra kick of rhythm and beat that it needed to make the songs great. The drums and guitar made it a fun song to listen to but sometimes it felt like I could only focus on the instruments instead of the lyrics.

Overall, the album This Is Why has a great beat/rhythm to dance to while singing the powerful lyrics. Taking into consideration everything that this album showed and expressed I would give it a 5/5 since the only thing that I thought could’ve been improved was making the instruments less overpowering in some songs.


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