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  • Emma Cherry

Trending clothes

It seems like the trends in clothes nowadays are much like the olden days when your parents or even grandparents were kids: mom jeans, baggy jeans, baggy shirts, and tight shirts. And then there are new trends like mini-skirts, graphic tees, and hats.

Social media influences clothing styles so much these days. A big influencer could wear something and then have millions of teenagers wearing the same thing because they want to be like them.

The girls and boys at CHS tend to always keep up with the trends – if it's baggy jeans, graphic tees, fishnets, or skirts. You will always see cute outfits while walking around in the halls.

Julia Dixon, a freshman at our school, says she participates in these clothing trends, such as baggy jeans. But she said her friends don’t participate in a lot of trends.

Many trends are coming back from the 2000’s, Like Juicy Couture tracksuits, low-waisted jeans, and layering clothes.

Jordan Lugo, a freshman, says 90’s styles are in, also wearing lots of accessories. She said she disliked the tube top trend, which mostly is a summer trend that is a strapless crop top. She also dislikes the trends around, “large exaggerated shoes that are like pointy and platformy with lots of laces.”

Speaking of shoes, they are very popular around the school. You will see all types of brands spanning from Nikes and Jordans to even Crocs and Uggs.

Accessories coming more popular are: layering many bracelets on your arm, ranging from beaded bracelets to crystal bracelets.

Christian Cherry, a sophomore, agrees that crystals are very popular nowadays. He participates in wearing crystals and baggy jeans.

“I think all clothing trends are unique and fashionable in their own way,” says Cherry. “Most of my friends participate in trends but a lot of them have stuck to the same style forever.”

Some people don’t step out of their comfort zone for fear of being judged, but I think you should use the way you dress to express yourself.

A Grandmother’s outlook on this generation's clothes is, “I think it's very similar to what we wore in the early 70’s, especially the crop tops and of course jeans. Will jeans ever go out of style?”

“In the 80’s we wore leggings," she says. "Trends repeat themselves throughout the generations.”

Photos: Emma Cherry


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