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Trucker Nation strives to promote a forum for productive and respectful discussion.  We encourage the submission of comments supporting or opposing our editorial views, as well as commendation or criticism.  We further wish to hear your opinions on current events and newsworthy issues.  Please note that we do not accept anonymous submissions; therefore, your full name is required.  All submissions are verified through email.

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Please note:

Trucker Nation does not allow profanity, personal attacks, hateful or discriminatory language, explicitly false content, or content defamatory to someone's character.

Further, we reserve the right to refuse to post submissions for any reason. 


Letters to the editor and/or other submitted content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Trucker Nation staff, advisers, administration, or Churchland High School.

Trucker Nation reserves the right to edit letters for grammatical and/or spelling errors and may cut letters for length.

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